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Child Development
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Child Development

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Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity and is intended to promote good or improve human quality of life. In return, this activity can produce a feeling of self-worth and respect. There is no financial gain involved. Volunteering is also renowned for skill development, socialization, and fun. The Poverty is not expect anything more than the better life for beginning, in our world have many people need help to settle down their life and looking for opportunity to growth.




Your Volunteer Today might not change anything much than you change yourself to be the giver, chance to live abroad, use your talents to help people, learn more a nation culture and proud of yourself with good memorialize.


Volunteer in Thailand A lot of the volunteers from developed countries choose to come to Thailand, the land of smile, enjoy the beautiful small country, test exquisite Thai cuisine, warm welcome of people and poor developed country which is answer destination of your volunteer. Let open your heart, your mind and your arm, take back the beautiful eye of thanks and smiles of unforgettable friendship.


Project : Child Development                  start from $ 299


Your opportunity to make a difference help the children at the centre. This volunteer program is based in Phuket, south of Thailand. You will work with the children who need the care and attention in their lives from abused, abandoned, and vulnerable children in low income community.

Your enthusiasm and time can help motivate the local children in learning the important skills to lead them towards a brighter future.


Location : Phuket >>South of Thailand


Program Fee


Duration ( Week )         Program Fee $US
          1                 299
          2                 599
          3                 799
          4                 899
          5                 999
          6               1,199
          7               1,299
          8               1,499
          9               1,699
         10               1,799
         11               1,899
         12               1,999



Additional :    1  week   adventure    US$ 500

                       2 weeks adventure    US$ 900


Start Date : Every Monday


Arrival : Phuket International Airport or

              Suvarnabhumi Airport and Connecting to Domestic Flight to HKT

              HKT : Phuket International Airport 


  •     Airport Pick up at Phuket International Airport and Transfer to Volunteer Home Base Center





Qualification : No specific qualification need

Possitive Thinking, Passion for Children, Love the Children.


Responsibilities :

The children need care, attention, teaching, educate and enrich them, also improve their health, safety and welfare. The children are usually napping in the afternoon, the volunteers will have time to arrange the place, renovate, design, organize for happier environment and helpful . The Volunteer can create the program for them  to learn more from your skill, make the children more happier and developed in many way will be raise them to be good personality and living well. 


Working :

Working at The Child Support Center 4 Days/ week   5-6 Hours/day


Eating : 

Breakfast : At home base of the Volunteer Centre

Lunch : At the Child Support Center ( on the day of work )

Dinner : Have your own meals ; suggest to have traditional Thai food

Near by the Volunteer Center have many local Thai restaurant with reasonable price ( US$2-3)


Sleeping : At home base of Volunteer Center


Field Support : Professional Child Development Project will train and answer everything you need about your project.





How To Apply



   - Download the application form 

   - Fill up the form


    Email us : with the attach file of the application form

    or email us in 1 page of the the topics below :


   - Project Interesting and How Long for Volunteer

   - Your Profile and Skills

   - What is the inspiration for Volunteer ?

   - How long of your stay in Thailand ?




Apply : Copy of your passport

             Pay Application Fee $199

             Pay Deposit Project $199


1. Transfer the Money to

    Account name:  Andaman Travel Deals

Bank Name:  Siam Commercial Bank
Account number (Saving Account) :  885-240183-2

Bank's address: Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited, 

Tesco Lotus  A.Muang Phuket 83000 Thailand


2. Email : Proof of Payment

    Email address :




Processing : 7 days after we received proof of payment.

We will send the letter to confirm your project and homestay.




Final Payment : You will recieve the invoice and the payment have to be make in 2 weeks before the project start.



Volunteer Need To :


  • International Flight to Thailand
  • Visa
  • Vaccinations
  • Personal Expenses $ 10-15/ Day ( Dinner US$ 2-3 )
  • Medical and Travel Insurance


If the volunteer want to add adventure tour or any activity during the volunteer time have to more prepare for the personal expenses.




About Thailand



About Us


When the technology is running forward on our world, the people have to walk more faster to follow them. Sometime we forgot to be with the present with happiness, peace, thoughtful and give the hand on, living with nature, wake up early morning and listen the sound of wildlife, take our breath smell the blossom, sharing the wealthy to poor and the person who have no opportunity.

All many reason of different in our world, have impoverishment push through weathly, high technology and civilization. The poverty is no abandon, ignorant anymore which have many kindheartedness organization born in our world.

We have been running our volunteer program for help people in south of Thailand. Our volunteer center based on smile country in South East Asia, located in Phuket island where is a dream destination for many travelers around the world. How many people well knows this growth up country is hidden impoverishment, poverty, difficulty, illiterate and poor communities of people who have no chance for better life.

This is make us today, beside of The Andaman Travel Deals and Universal Academy Centre to help and sharring information for someone who would like to volunteer in our project, hand on, learn culture and earn experience with fully heart. 



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